Kawaii Crate – August 2015 – “Kickin’ It Feudal”


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According to their website http://kawaiicrate.com/:
At Kawaii Crate, we’re dedicated to get you exactly what you want: quality Anime and Japanese merchandise. We’re an Otaku’s best friend!

Each crate revolves around a monthly theme and can include figures, plushes, snacks, manga, and more!

Cost of the box reviewed:
$35/month + $5 S&H
Total Price: $40
Month-to-Month Subscription
Renews Automatically
★ Cancel Anytime!

The Box

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Once again, the Kawaii Crate arrived in a plain package. The white box really leaves something to be desired – part of the experience of receiving one of these shipments is recognizing the packaging so that the anticipation of seeing what is inside builds. This is something that I’ve discussed over and over again for the past two boxes. Even if you used a rubber stamp and hired someone to stamp all over these boxes it would lead to some way to identify that this is the Kawaii Crate.

Final Thoughts

Ah, yes. The Kawaii Crate. Last month’s crate left me disappointed. After receiving the inaugural shipment I was excited to see what their second attempt would build on. Well, if you saw the video and read the review you’ll see that it fell a little flat.

When this box arrived I was a little cautious. Would it tank like last month’s? The the folks at Kawaii Crate listen to their customers and the public? Did they watch/read/listen to the various reviews and comments on social media? This would be their big test.

As I’ve mentioned before, I normally give a new service that I subscribe to at least 3 shipments before I decide to continue paying for the product or drop it. This is my third Kawaii crate and I have to admit that I’m still curious whether or not they will continue to improve. This crate was a decent attempt to right their listing ship. Last month it seemed like they took the easy way out by throwing in a bunch of candies which were unrelated to the ‘Summer Games’ theme. This time, they’ve come around and tied most of the box contents to their ‘Kickin’ It Feudal’ theme.

Speaking of their theme, I don’t think their last crate said anything at all about what this month’s crate would be. As with any relationship the key to success is communication. Kawaii Crate, communicate with your subscribers more. This would be in the form of telling us who you are (branding/packaging), be consistent with the letters you include (tell us what the next theme will be), stick to your theme.

As it stands, I’m a little more intrigued by what they have to offer. The anime series that they’re tapping for their Feudal crate are a little dated but that’s ok. I like the classics. I’m going to disregard the second box that the sent and make my decision after their fourth box.

Good luck, Kawaii Crate. I’m still rooting for you.


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