Kawaii Crate – September 2015 – “Back to School”


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According to their website http://kawaiicrate.com/:
At Kawaii Crate, we’re dedicated to get you exactly what you want: quality Anime and Japanese merchandise. We’re an Otaku’s best friend!

Each crate revolves around a monthly theme and can include figures, plushes, snacks, manga, and more!

Cost of the box reviewed:
$35/month + $5 S&H
Total Price: $40
Month-to-Month Subscription
Renews Automatically
★ Cancel Anytime!

The Box

Final Thoughts

I like the Kawaii Crate. I really do. However, in order to give it a proper review I’m going to have to compare it to it’s competition.

This month’s box was actually pretty nifty. If you’re a Madoka fan then you’ll absolutely love the pencil case. And the SOA chibi clock was adorable. What I’m getting from this particular service are items that are pretty unique and appeal to people who are both fanatics over anime as well as casual viewers.

Although I still have qualms about packaging and branding I do appreciate the effort made to make the box stand out even a little. Heck, if it was me I’d go crazy with that ‘KC’ stamp that they used on the box so that people would know that it is a Kawaii Crate.

Completely looking forward to the Halloween crate. Good job, Kawaii Crate.


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