1Up Box – September 2015 – “Pixels”


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According to their website https://1upbox.com/:
1Up Box is a monthly swag distributor that offers something remarkable, something creative, and something unique in which all geeks and gamers can fancy. We connect our subscribers to the best companies producing gear, snacks, toys, art, and just about anything that spells awesome. Each month we assemble a mystery collection of 5-8 items, all of which are kept secret until the boxes are delivered.

Our mission is to bring smiles to the curious, to the epic, and to all the magnificent geeks and gamers of our time by delivering value and creativity.

Cost:$12.92/mo + $6 S&H
Total Price: $18.92
Renews Automatically

The Box

Final Thoughts

I’ve said it before – 1UpBox is always a mixed experience. As you can see by the video my niece really enjoyed this box and a lot of that could be attributed to the Minecraft items which were packed. Evidently, all the kids are crazy over Minecraft so getting juicy little nuggets was a pleasant surprise for her.

Me? Not so much. I guess you get really jaded when you get old.

Otherwise, as you can see by Bini’s excitement, the contents of the 1Up Box went over pretty well. Was it worth the $19 price? For younger kids, yes. For older geeks like myself, it’s kind of iffy.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.23.34 PM


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