The UnBoxers


This is Andrew, our resident comic book aficionado. To be precise, in the eternal battle between Marvel and DC for your eyeballs and dollars, Andrew is a Marvel fanboy. Video games, a fan of all things science fiction (television, movies, books, Viewmaster reels, records, etc.) and a Star Wars Lego fiend he has managed to build himself quite a collection of collectibles. Normally quiet and happy to be in the background he’s prone to get fired up should you broach a subject he’s passionate about. Kind of like treating a hornet’s nest like a pinata with your tongue.

Brian is our resident beer weenie. You would think that someone that savors and indulges in so much beer would be fatter. Brian is also a zombie/horror lover, Lego collector, Star Wars fanatic as well as other works of science fiction and comics. He’s got pretty eclectic taste in music, enjoys good food and gadgets.

Michael is the eldest of the trio of UnBoxers. As a child of the 70’s he gets most of the jokes on Family Guy. Computers? Sure he can talk about them. Video games? Only if you were required to put your quarter on the machine to reserve your turn. Food? Mostly the weird stuff that you probably shouldn’t eat. Television? Did someone say “Battle of the Network Stars” was on? It is kind of hard to categorize Michael because he has so many interests and his head is filled with so much useless knowledge. He’s kind of like Cliff Claven from “Cheers”, but with less personality.

Guest UnBoxers

There will be times when we unbox something and one of our friends will be an expert in that particular subject. When we receive a box like that we like to get their opinions – was it worth it? Was it interesting? Did it live up to their expectations?

Pitchit is a man who specializes in many different things. Some say he was found on a mountain top with nothing to survive on except his intuition, bare hands and a first gen GameBoy. Others say he is the creation of many mighty gods who came together and decided to create a being like no other. You know, like a platypus. He specializes in roller skating, roller derby, and you can catch him streaming video games at

Fbomb is a teenager who has been gaming since he could move his thumbs. He doesn’t have a voice like Morgan Freeman, but he can commentate unboxings and other things that many others already do (he simply follows the band wagon). He is an avid streamer at, showing off his skill in Halo and Assassin’s Creed or his “skill” in Call of Duty. Overall, he is really kind of like a shot of tequila, he looks small, but he packs a punch!